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Carrera Antorcha Guadalupana 2002 [jpg file, Asociación Tepeyac, September, 2002] Poster announcing the annual race from Mexico City to New York City. The race is both a religious pilgrimage culminating on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on…

Checkpoint. The silhouette of two officers manning a security checkpoint below Canal Street in September, 2001.

I took this with a cheap webcam after my roommate woke me up.

I took this picture from my balcony in Chelsea NYC, September of 2000. I thought it should be a part of the archive. Kind of like a rainbow of hope and strength for things to come.

Photos from Flight 93 Crash site

July 23, 1999 view of downtown NYC on return from Statue of Liberty.

This is a Panorama of Manhattan taken from the Observation Level of the Empire State Building on October 18th, 2001.

It is a series of digital images that have been spliced together using "Panavue".

I was visiting my parents in New York and…

Millenium Hotel as seen from the edge of the pit

There are the angels that were made for the passangers and crew members of Flight 93. They stand to this day at the site in Shanksville, PA.

The lawn in front of City Hall, Naperville, IL 9-16-01

Taken on a cloudy day from the south tower in February, 2001.

Men of Stone.jpg
I am subbmitting this degital photo called "Men of Stone" taken on 9/12/01 at about 8:30-9:00am. Near the WallStreet train station @ the World trade Center site. In the photo you have a pair of men shoes near someone's shirt.

Dust covered clothes at Chelsea Jeans.jpg
Chelsea Jeans on Broadway, Lower Manhattan, walled-off a corner of their store with plexiglass as a memory of 9/11. The dust and rubble from the Twin Towers still covers these articles of clothing to this day.

the new NYC skyline viewed from brooklyn bridge

Missing persons flyers on the windows of Rays Pizza at 11th Street and 6th avenue.

World Trade (Ground Zero).jpg
This is a picture I snapped on my digital camera on my first trip to Manhattan this past July(2002). It was the first time I'd been to New York, and even though I'd never been before I've always held a place in my heart for The Big Apple. Seeing the…

NYC WTC Attack - Search&Rescue Going In.jpg
FDNY search and rescue heading south on Greenwich to go into Ground Zero.

3 WTC.jpg
This photo was taken on Sunday June 16, 2002 on my trip to ground zero. It is of one of the remaing damaged towers.

West Broadway, ca 9:30 AM, September 11, 2001
The unthinkable had happend. The second building had collapsed.

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