THATCamp Switzerland – Session proposals

Registrations for the THATCamp Switzerland are progressing well and we have already received many proposals for exciting sessions.

Below, listed alphabetically, are the proposals already submitted by participants and members of the organizing team.

For now, these are mere proposals. The themes of the effective sessions will be chosen by the participants during the programming plenary session on Friday, November 11 at 17:15 (See Program).

– Advanced Database management
– Annotation tools
– Bibliography and citations in digital environments
– Bibliography management softwares
– Building a digital humanities proposal for the Swiss History Days (2013)
– Collaborative research practices
– Creating a CSL Zotero stylesheet for the Swiss historical scientific community
– Data driven history, Big data history
– Digital information literacy
– Digital humanities curriculum
– Digital sources criticism / Digital forensics
– Digital humanities project management
– Designing a Swiss digital humanities center
– G.I.S and geodata
– Improving archive web services
– Institutional repositories strategies
– Long term digital preservation
– Medieval digital history
– New forms of scholarly publications
– Open source advocacy in institutional context
– Open access advocacy
– Research data preservation and re-use
– Scholarly blogging
– Semantic web
– Should humanist/historian learn programming ? If yes, how ?
– Social media for research and teaching
– Special digital research techniques
– Teaching with the Web 2.0
– Toward a German speaking scientific blogging platform ( in collaboration with
– Visualization of research results
– Websites and digital born documents as historical sources

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