Digital Humanities Project Management

getting started in Digital Humanities:
• how, why, when
• steps to follow

collaborative approaches:
• manage cultural differences

Key Project Managemenct Concepts:
• Plan, do, act, check, study

Example: Renaissance Melancholy
Omeka as CMS

• Technical abilities
• Time constraints

Is project management important for digital humanities projects?
It can help but one has to be careful that the planning doesn’t limit the outcome of a project.

What to do if the money / time runs out?
Either cut amount of work or get more money.

How would you start a DH project?
• Involve your audience in early project phase
• Start small

Collaboration is also becoming more important as the times of working alone are over. New technical instruments allowed scientists to work together to solve problems they couldn’t have solved alone. Many universities don’t train students well enough in project management and collaboration.

Sharing data and results (but also software) is important to allow other scientists to easily find and use it. The idea of developing a universal platform for digital humanities has come up some time ago but you have to find a programmer to do the coding. The problem of standardized CMS is that the possibility of customization is limited (or too difficult for non-IT people).

Ressources for DH Project Management:
Digital Humanities Questions & Answers
Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC)
Tooling Up for Digital Humanities


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